The COBRA Group

The COBRA Group

It has come to our attention that a company has fraudulently attempted to associate itself with the COBRA Group of Companies. Based on the FCA guidance, we would like to make it clear that the COBRA Group of Companies is in no way connected to COBRA CFD or CobraCFD, any services offered by cobracfd &/or c0bracfd or any FOREX Trading platform offered by any Organisation.

COBRA London Markets (CLM)

COBRA London Markets forms part of the COBRA Group of companies and have traded under this banner since 9th January 2007.  COBRA London Markets are a Lloyd’s and London Market wholesale broker specialising in commercial business.

Originally established in 1988, trading as Griffiths and Armour London Ltd, we specialised in global PI and international re-insurance. By 1995 our business expanded to include UK liability, motor and property.  In 2002 the company undertook a Management Buy-Out to form COBRA GAL, which went on to become COBRA in 2003.

Today COBRA continues to increase its market presence and expand its product lines as a leading Lloyd’s and London Market wholesale broker. For more information on our products, please visit our product pages.

COBRA Network (CNW)

COBRA (Commercial Broking Alliance) was originally established by two large provincial brokers in 2003 as a Network for small to medium sized brokers to empower them to compete at every level and assist with Compliance and FCA regulation for its members.

The COBRA Network has over 100 members and controls a total Commercial GWP in excess of £450 million.

For more information about COBRA Network, please click here.

COBRA Underwriting Agencies (CUA)

Formed in 2006 CUA is COBRA’s underwriting company offering an extensive range of commercial, property and package products all underwritten under established delegated authorities with leading insurers, such as AXA, Aviva and Allianz.  Our focus is offering high levels of exclusivity, with most products having tailored wordings unique to CUA and by dealing with selected group of agents, most of which are COBRA Network members.

Whilst more business is forced to be traded online, we maintain a consistent and pragmatic underwriting approach allowing our agents easy access to experienced underwriters on all products regardless of premium size.

For more information about COBRA Underwriting, please click here.

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