Timber Frame

Contractors All Risks – Timber Frame

COBRA London Markets are pleased to announce the addition of ‘timber frame construction’ to our Contractors All Risks / Plant facility.

Working closely with our Insuring partners, we have secured exclusive agreement to offer terms for ‘timber framed’ construction projects/contracts under our successful Contractors All Risks facility.

All underwritten in-house, we can cover single or two storey timber framed construction projects up to a £1million contract value.

Timber Frame
  • Contract values up to £1million (without referral)
  • High limits upon referral
  • Annual turnover up to £2.5million
  • Premiums start at £500 plus IPT (CAR)
  • Exclusive rating structure
  • Project specific referrals available
  • Single and two storey construction
  • Precautions and Safety Working Practices to apply
  • Fast quotation turnaround

Timber Frame definition:- ‘Timber Frame construction shall mean any building dwelling or structure, where the supporting framework or structure is manufactured of timber.’

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