Combined Liability & Contractors Insurance
  • Minimum premiums from £2,000 (£1,000 per section) and £3,000 open market
  • Single project placement
  • Worldwide territorial coverage for UK companies
  • Employer Liability primary limits up to £50 million
  • Standalone Non-Negligence Liability (JCT)
High Risk Liability
  • Minimum premiums from £2,000 (£3,000 in respect of demolition, rail, steel erectors, roofer and scaffolders)
  • Standard £10 million EL limit and up to £10 million PL/Prods limit
General & Non-Contractors Liability
  • Minimum premiums from £500 per section
Excess of Loss
  • Options for Excess Employers Liability up to £50 million and Excess PL/Prods Liability up to £100 million
  • Minimum premiums start at £1,000 for Employers Liability £10m in excess of £10m and £500 for PL/Prods £5m in excess of £5m (based upon core trades)
  • Higher limits available upon request
  • Excess PL limits start from £1 million – higher limits available upon request
Environment Impairment Liability
  • Minimum premiums from £1,000
  • Up to £20m limit (each and every incident in the aggregate)
  • Deductibles from £5,000
  • Including trades such as textiles, metal fabrication / manufacture, demolition contractors, food production, paper / printing, chemical blending, logistics / haulage, roofing contractors, plastics / rubber manufacture
Medical & Pharmaceutical Liability
  • Minimum premiums from £2,500 per section
  • Large limits offered
  • Including trades such as medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, private health care, research and development, clinical trials, exports to the U.S, broad form vendor’s coverage
Construction & High Risk Trades

Building contractors, civil engineers, ground workers, demolition, electrical / plumbing, heating & ventilation, piling / underpinning, plant & skip hirers, rail workers, scaffolders and roofers, welders and waste contractors.

Non Construction Trades

Engineering, woodworking, haulage, waste transfer, waste recycling, landfill sites, quarries, metal fabricators / erectors, manufacturing, printers, precision engineers (CNC).

Delegated Underwriting Authorities

Uniquely we hold Delegated Underwriting Authorities all underwritten in-house by our team for exclusive bespoke quotations based on long standing and close relationships with underwriters.

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