Roofers & Scaffolders

Roofers and Scaffolders Liability

A careful and well managed scheme, specifically for risks which do not normally fit ‘standard facilities’ and result in Open Market placement.

Hazardous Locations

Flexibility to include numerous hazardous locations including but not limited to:

  • Jetties or Piers
  • Railway Infrastructure
  • Railway Lines
  • Dams or Aqueducts
  • Mines or Quarries
  • Oil Refineries or Petrochemical installations or storage sites
  • Chemical Plants
  • Petrol or other Fuel Tanks or Storage Vessels
Combined Liability
  • A+ Rated Security
  • Limited Broker access
  • Exclusive rating structure – minimum premiums from £3,000 (£1,500 per section)
  • Work outside UK can be accommodated
  • Primary Public/Products Liability limits up to £10million
  • Licensed and Non-Licensed Asbestos buyback available
  • No Height limit as standard
  • Health and Safety assistance including in-house training can be considered and bespoke to clients’ needs
  • Flexible Year End Declaration agreements
  • Portfolio Transfers considered
  • Client visits required by broker
Excess Of Loss
  • Options for Excess Employers Liability up to £50 million and Excess PL/Prods Liability up to £100 million
  • Minimum premiums start at £2,250 for Employers Liability £10m in excess of £10m and £1,500 for PL/Prods £5m in excess of £5m
  • Higher limits available upon request
  • Excess PL limits start from £1 million – higher limits available upon request
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